Nov. 21, 2022

Developing your craft - John Mullaney - BS089

Developing your craft - John Mullaney - BS089
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In this episode, I'm joined by green woodworker John Mullaney.
John has carved out the reputation as the shrink pot guy but has many strings to his bow. We discuss his origins & craft in this joyous conversation that will inspire you to get stuck into some learning! 

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John MullaneyProfile Photo

John Mullaney

Shrink pot guy

I've been making mostly utilitarian items of craft from green wood since 2007.
After acquiring the technical skills under the tutelage of Robin Wood, and with early inspiration found from folk such as Wille Sundqvist and Fritiof Runhall, I've found my way into my own style of green wood craft.
I'm interested in developing and exploring new design styles, especially around organic form; and so see each piece as a constant evolution.
I particularly enjoy the instant gratification of taking a few simple hand tools and sculpting lovely treen from fresh pieces of suitable wood.

I really enjoy to work with Alder, as it carves so beautifully and provides a lovely finish. However other native trees provide some wonderful variety and avenues to explore.
All of the wood I use is sustainably sourced, and most is incredibly local, just a short walk from my home in West Yorkshire.

Attending green wood festivals and other events in the UK and further afield brings me huge amounts of joy. Sharing craft skills, teaching and spending an evening around the campfire with wonderful folk music is pure magic.