Aug. 13, 2019

Prefabricated straw panels & magic mud - Bee Rowan - BS007

Prefabricated straw panels & magic mud - Bee Rowan - BS007
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Natural builder, Bee Rowan talks to us about Ecococoon straw bale panels. These prefabricated panels are load bearing and highly insulating - the result is being able to build the entirety of your eco home in 2 days!

We also talk about Bee's background, and how she ended up involved in straw bale building.

Finally Bee talks about her work in Pakistan stabilising earth bricks with locally available lime to make them flood proof.

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Bee RowanProfile Photo

Bee Rowan

Straw Bale Builder & Educator

Bee Rowan has become a name synonymous with straw bale building here in the UK and throughout many parts of Europe. After discovering the manifold benefits & joys of straw bale building for the first time in 1994, Bee has subsequently dedicated her life to the promotion of this wonderful material for sustainable and affordable construction.

Now, with over 18 years experience working with straw, both in her role as head trainer of the internationally recognised straw bale building enterprise Amazonails and as part of her own social enterprise, Strawbuild, Bee is still working enthusiastically and tirelessly to spread knowledge of straw bale construction methods as far as possible.

Passionately committed to the use of sustainable and natural materials in construction, as well as to making the entire build process as accessible as possible, Bee is always looking for ways to streamline the building process and minimise the "faff" involved, to save time, money and valuable ecological resources for every project.