June 14, 2021

ByteSize - Routes into Sustainable Design - Philippa Birch-Wood & Taleen Josefsson - BSBS007

ByteSize - Routes into Sustainable Design - Philippa Birch-Wood & Taleen Josefsson - BSBS007
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This is the second part of the wonderful series by Philippa Birch-Wood and Taleen Josefsson discussing routes into sustainable design.

Philippa has just been named as a nominee for the Architects Journal Sustainability Champion 2021 - huge congratulations to her, so well deserved!  https://www.architectsjournal.co.uk/news/aj100-sustainability-champion-of-the-year-2021-nominees-revealed

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Taleen Josefsson, NCARB CPHCProfile Photo

Taleen Josefsson, NCARB CPHC

Thrive Project Leader at Chetwoods | Founder of @the_holistic_architect

In realizing an acute need for holistic approaches to sustainably tackling the complex environmental and social issues facing current and future populations, I have become devoted to promoting healthy, low-energy built environment solutions that strengthen local communities, economies, and biodiversity. I am particularly interested in designing for the circular economy, as well as life cycle analysis and material selection in regard to calculating operational and embodied energy.

I am an architect with a M.Sc. in sustainable development in architecture and planning. Prior to graduate school, I worked in the architecture and interior design field in the New York Metropolitan Area for 5 years after graduating with a B. Arch. from Cornell University. My previous work includes a range of private residential as well as government-backed affordable housing projects.

Philippa Birch-WoodProfile Photo

Philippa Birch-Wood

I am an Architect and environmentalist leading Thrive at Chetwoods. I support project teams to deliver quality architecture that improves our health and enhances our environment. I am always on the hunt for innovative materials and building methods to improve efficiency.

I am UK Green Building Council Local Network Coordinator for Birmingham and the West Midlands. I help to coordinate events, build networks and disseminate resources to ensure construction professionals in our region are informed of the opportunities there are to improve the quality of our built environment.

In my own time I am Chair of Low Carbon Lichfield (a community group educating the public on ways to reduce their carbon footprint) and co-founder of Transition Lichfield. Transition Lichfield follows the principles of a Transition Town (Transition Town Network): the group acts as a networking facilitator to build a stronger more resilient community through a series of talks and events.

I am a WELL Accredited Professional and an active member of MaD (Make a Difference) Networking – ask Edith Colomba).