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I have been consuming this podcast for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Jeffrey is obviously an expert but also passionately invested in making our earth more habitable for longer. Every person he brings on shares though values and has incredible lessons to teach.

Such inspiring content!

I’ve learned so much from this podcast. Such inspiring content and lovely people. And very accessible too :)

Full of all the good things!

Lovely people talking about lovely things. Full of insight and practical advice, a post cast still of fun and generosity. Jeffrey’s interviewing style is great to listen too and his holistic approach to building sustainability is one we could all take to heart.

Excellent Podcast,

This is a fantastic podcast and a treat to listen to. I have been working with wood/green wood since my teens, 52 now, and this is a breath of fresh air. ireally enjoyed the Dave Cockcroft and Barn the Spoon's episodes but have found myself listening to the others and as a result am looking in to the subject of green building with new eyes. Keep up the good work and thanks.

Well paced, friendly ramblechats with carefully selected sustainability experts!

As someone who works in digital design, I’m really thirsty for hands-on practical information about building sustainability in the real world. Jeffrey’s a lovely and respectful interviewer - so it feels less like a lecture, and more a chat around a campfire with mates. There are some really amazing perspectives on offer from carefully selected guests, and it really does shine a light on the level of innovation and dynamism of the sustainability movement in the UK. Highly recommend!

Perfect podcast

I wish I had found this sooner. Great line up of interviews, all on the subject of sustainable building or side topics such as craft. Listened to one episode so far but am downloading a selection. Great podcasting, not letting too much get in the way of the conversation, not too chummy or filled with in jokes, just really interesting content. Thanks so much and good luck!

Gentle, flowing, informative and easy to listen to.

I first found this podcast series when after I saw Flo Hamer’s tiny house build on a YouTube - wanted to find out more and then discovered she’d done an interview Jeffrey Hart. The interview felt so natural, like they were two best friends. Listening to further episodes has shown that Jeffrey manages to achieve that level of intimacy with all his guests. And, I’ve learned so much - as someone who has been interested (from an armchair) in cob building, I learned on one episode about cob in Scotland. There’s so much to interesting content, all at a great pace and in a great style. It’s my ‘go-to’ podcast right now. Love it!

Dream Podcast

If you had asked me what my ideal podcast line-up was, you couldn't have come up with a better range. I have thoroughly enjoyed all the podcasts so far and look forward to many more. A diverse range of characters, some well-known, and many not, with fascinating and in-depth conversations in an eco and ethical direction. Jeffrey has a very gentle, unassuming and inclusive interview style which is very welcome. I love this grassroots podcast with its egalitarian host.

One of my favourites!

Very knowledgeable hosts who ask intelligent relevant questions. As a novice to this industry I find the podcast attainable and engaging for all levels. Has a lovely natural conversational flow and I always enjoy the humble nature of Jeffrey


Jeffrey is so knowledgeable in his field and has some brilliant guests. Very easy listening. Thanks Jeffrey 😊

Jolly, heartwarming, inspiring, interesting and super informative. A lovely collection of sustainable, earth-loving making, building and doing. Always gets my creative Earth juices flowing

This podcast is wonderful, but I would say that... I created it

Wonderful ideas!

Such a fascinating exploration of such a variety of ideas!

Good sense delivery gentle and with god humour

Great listening guys - thank you so much. Love the content, ethos and attention to looking after ourselves and our beautiful planet.

My new favourite podcast!

Fascinating stuff.

Great podcast

Very informative and entertaining podcast, we enjoyed it thoroughly


Very interesting podcast with so much information about natural building and sustainability. An essential if you have any interesting in natural building, with a nice comedy touch from Joe and Jeffery!


Just listen to one, their brilliant. The other sustainable building podcasts I found in the past, don’t go into enough depth.... but this does!


Really well presented and informative look at sustainable building in the UK and beyond. Well recommend a subscription.

Informative and fun

This is a great podcast for anyone interested in sustainable building. I especially love Jeffrey's interview skills. Give it a listen!



Fun and informative.

These guys are so enthusiastic about their subject! Loads of great information, really well presented by two guys who are obviously great friends. What's not to like?

This is great!

Loving the opening episodes, can't wait to hear more!

Refreshing take on the construction industry

Im really enjoying these, i work in the construction sector and there’s really not enough companies out there pushing towards sustainability like Hartwyn are. Well worth a listen

Really interesting topics!

Really interesting topics and the hosts have great chemistry. Production values are really good, a new favourite for sure. I can’t wait for more!