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I love the Building Sustainability Podcast! It’s been a huge source of knowledge and inspiration in my natural and sustainable building journey. Would highly recommend to anyone interested in the craft and the construction industry. 💚

Mandatory listening for anyone interested in healthy and sustainable building

You can tell Jeffrey is a “wonderful person doing excellent things”, which this podcast is a testament of! I’ve started listening a few months back and have since binge listened to almost every episode. I’m yet to find one that wasn’t inspiring, insightful, and entertaining. For anyone that is even remotely interested of natural building, you’re sure to find something that benefits you amongst the broad range of topics and guests. There’s always something in there for the curious amateur as well as for the expert professional. Thanks Jeffrey and guests! Learning about people like you always brings a bit of joy and hope to my days :)

The best podcast around!

I have never written a review for a podcast but this one is so good that everyone should listen. Building sustainability is a gateway drug into all things sustainability, building, craft, technology and I love the variety. Jeffrey is a font of knowledge but so humble and I want to thank him for the podcast and my beautiful handcrafted spoon. Seriously…What more could you want from a podcast!?!

Full of info!

This is my go to space to learn about the different aspects of sustainable and high quality building practices. Thanks!

Excellent podcast

So glad I found this podcast, I had been looking for a green building podcast covering a range of areas and here it is, even better and more interesting than I was imagining might be out there. Well done sustainable natural building people, you all totally rock!! Xxxxx

Great resource

Loving these podcasts as I work my way through them. So many interesting and thought provoking conversations. I listen to them as I struggle with compromise and practicalities in my own little project and they make me rethink things as I go along. Thanks for all of it

Truly inspiring

Jeffrey is not just a lovely chap, he is clearly deeply knowledgeable in natural building, crafts and much more. You can hear his passion in these subjects. The range of topics is wonderful, he even has an episode on yoga and mental health! I am building a tiny house myself and this podcast has been truly inspiring, informative and invaluable. Thanks for all your hard work Jeffrey.

A good balance of chuckles and chin scratching

From stacking bales and smearing mud on walls, to self-reflection and healthy habits; Jeffery and his guests are a kaleidoscope of conversation topics that help mend the gap between craft and life. Everytime I see a new episode posted I grin a bit and smash the play button. Haven’t been let down yet!

Fantastic interviewing style, down to earth(builder)

I listen to the podcasts while I’m in my digger at work, after 12 years working for soleless grey concrete construction companies I’ve grown increasingly disgusted with myself and the industry as it stands so this year (2022) after 10 years of reading about earth building, I’m leaving modern construction behind to begin a life in earth building, these podcasts have been and continue to be an incredibly useful resource. Keep up the good work Jeffrey

I'm a changed man

I never write reviews, but I’m writing this because this podcast is so incredible. I never become a patron, but I just started here because this podcast needs to continue! I never binge anything, but I just binged half the podcast in one day because they're so interestung and entertaining. I guess this shows, Building Sustainability has changed me. Hopefully it'll change the world! Go get 'em Jeffrey!

Educational, Fun, Inspiring

Much needed in todays disposable, industrialized society. Jeffrey paints a fun picture on how we could be doing things different. Avid listener and very much enjoy the show. I hope to take this kickstart and dive into my own realm of natural building.

Fighting a clean fight against building homes that costs the earth!

What a wonderful platform to give a voice to those at the sharp end of building new homes by redefining ancient methods that help mankind rather than continue to add to the problem. Keep up the good work of adding your voice to a growing choir of those that see the soil under their feet than the money in their wallet.

Excellent podcast

I think Jeffrey is the best in the business. If you are into building and care about how building and housing affects the world and its inhabitants, you will like this podcast. Fun to listen to, well done, great interviews and content. Thank you Jeffrey!

Daily listen

I have been consuming this podcast for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Jeffrey is obviously an expert but also passionately invested in making our earth more habitable for longer. Every person he brings on shares though values and has incredible lessons to teach.

Such inspiring content!

I’ve learned so much from this podcast. Such inspiring content and lovely people. And very accessible too :)

Full of all the good things!

Lovely people talking about lovely things. Full of insight and practical advice, a post cast still of fun and generosity. Jeffrey’s interviewing style is great to listen too and his holistic approach to building sustainability is one we could all take to heart.

Excellent Podcast,

This is a fantastic podcast and a treat to listen to. I have been working with wood/green wood since my teens, 52 now, and this is a breath of fresh air. ireally enjoyed the Dave Cockcroft and Barn the Spoon's episodes but have found myself listening to the others and as a result am looking in to the subject of green building with new eyes. Keep up the good work and thanks.

Well paced, friendly ramblechats with carefully selected sustainability experts!

As someone who works in digital design, I’m really thirsty for hands-on practical information about building sustainability in the real world. Jeffrey’s a lovely and respectful interviewer - so it feels less like a lecture, and more a chat around a campfire with mates. There are some really amazing perspectives on offer from carefully selected guests, and it really does shine a light on the level of innovation and dynamism of the sustainability movement in the UK. Highly recommend!

Perfect podcast

I wish I had found this sooner. Great line up of interviews, all on the subject of sustainable building or side topics such as craft. Listened to one episode so far but am downloading a selection. Great podcasting, not letting too much get in the way of the conversation, not too chummy or filled with in jokes, just really interesting content. Thanks so much and good luck!

Gentle, flowing, informative and easy to listen to.

I first found this podcast series when after I saw Flo Hamer’s tiny house build on a YouTube - wanted to find out more and then discovered she’d done an interview Jeffrey Hart. The interview felt so natural, like they were two best friends. Listening to further episodes has shown that Jeffrey manages to achieve that level of intimacy with all his guests. And, I’ve learned so much - as someone who has been interested (from an armchair) in cob building, I learned on one episode about cob in Scotland. There’s so much to interesting content, all at a great pace and in a great style. It’s my ‘go-to’ podcast right now. Love it!

Enjoying the podcast

Thanks Jeffrey really enjoying your podcast , lighthearted but formative , nice balance!! .......It’s really good to hear about topics in depth getting to the nitty-gritty. I need to hear more about lime and magic mud, fantastic techniques which alternative builders and thinks are leading the way with tested ,practical methods. Love it , keep them coming !! Cheers Luke Launceston, Tasmania

Dream Podcast

If you had asked me what my ideal podcast line-up was, you couldn't have come up with a better range. I have thoroughly enjoyed all the podcasts so far and look forward to many more. A diverse range of characters, some well-known, and many not, with fascinating and in-depth conversations in an eco and ethical direction. Jeffrey has a very gentle, unassuming and inclusive interview style which is very welcome. I love this grassroots podcast with its egalitarian host.

One of my favourites!

Very knowledgeable hosts who ask intelligent relevant questions. As a novice to this industry I find the podcast attainable and engaging for all levels. Has a lovely natural conversational flow and I always enjoy the humble nature of Jeffrey


Jeffrey is so knowledgeable in his field and has some brilliant guests. Very easy listening. Thanks Jeffrey 😊

Jolly, heartwarming, inspiring, interesting and super informative. A lovely collection of sustainable, earth-loving making, building and doing. Always gets my creative Earth juices flowing

This podcast is wonderful, but I would say that... I created it

Wonderful ideas!

Such a fascinating exploration of such a variety of ideas!

Good sense delivery gentle and with god humour

Great listening guys - thank you so much. Love the content, ethos and attention to looking after ourselves and our beautiful planet.

My new favourite podcast!

Fascinating stuff.

Great podcast

Very informative and entertaining podcast, we enjoyed it thoroughly