June 8, 2021

Cut the Craft - Amy Umbel & Brien Beidler - BS050

Cut the Craft - Amy Umbel & Brien Beidler - BS050

Something a bit special for episode 50 of the Building Sustainability Podcast.
This is a reciprocal episode with Amy Umbel and Brien Beidler from Cut The Craft Podcast - They came on Building Sustainability to talk about craft and give their delightful insights into some of the nuances within the area. 
In return I was a guest on their Cut the Craft podcast to talk about Natural Building. 

It was a really fun day of getting to know Amy and Brien, we laughed a whole lot! 


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Amy UmbelProfile Photo

Amy Umbel

Craftsperson & Podcaster

Amy Umbel is a crafts-person dedicated to understanding the interdependence of nature and humanity. She seeks to create work that demonstrates the ancient origins of our species connection to the land.

Her diverse skills range from ancestral skills of working with wood, fibers and animal hides, to illustrating how to utilize those materials. Her interest in craft, sustainability and woodcarving exemplify these interests.

Amy is the cohost of Cut the Craft Podcast - https://www.cutthecraftpodcast.com/

Brien BeidlerProfile Photo

Brien Beidler

Toolmaker, Bookbinder & Podcaster

Brien Beidler is a toolmaker and bookbinder. In his book work, Brien inspired by historic bindings in their ability to harmonize fine craftsmanship, quirky but elegant aesthetics, and evidence of the hands that made them. Beginning with this tradition as a baseline, Brien's bindings seek ways to create new compositions from these historic precedents.

Brien also creates a limited assortment of specialized hand tools for bookbinding and its related trades.

Over the last ten years Brien has taken and taught a variety of bookbinding and toolmaking workshops, and is an active member of the Guild of Book Workers. In the fall of 2016, he and his partner in crime upped their roots in Charleston, South Carolina and set up shop in Bloomington, Indiana, where Brien works from his home studio with Wren, his curmudgeonly Brittany.