April 5, 2021

ByteSize - Women in the workshop - Flo Hamer - BSBS004

ByteSize - Women in the workshop - Flo Hamer - BSBS004

Flo Hamer talks to us about women in the workshop, drawing on her personal experiences.

Flo was my guest on our most popular Building Sustainability episode - BS010 - Building a Tiny house  https://www.buildingsustainabilitypodcast.com/building-a-tiny-house-flo-hamer/
It's a real pleasure to have her back!

Links to badass women in workshops:

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Flo Hamer

Tiny Home Builder, Crafter

I’m Flo. I make greenwood bowls, spoons and furniture and occasionally some things a little larger. I live in rural Herefordshire in my self-built tiny house.

I am hugely passionate about the traditional techniques of craft and building. The guardianship of these skills, along with the desire to create work that is sustainable for ourselves, future generations, and the planet, are what led me to the work I create now.

I have a degree in Renewable Energy engineering from the University of Exeter as well as a NVQ level 3 in Heritage Woodland Occupation. I am currently a student with the Prince’s Foundation and QEST, on their ‘Building Arts Programme’.

I have spend the last few years learning traditional woodworking techniques, from carving to timber framing and I use these skills to create sustainable, meaningful work and teach others, improving the scope of tradition and the longevity of specific crafts.