March 22, 2021

ByteSize - The magic of clay (Pt2) - Rowland Keable - BSBS003

ByteSize - The magic of clay (Pt2) - Rowland Keable - BSBS003
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This is part 2 of Rowland Keable of Earth Building UK & Ireland (EBUKI) & Rammed Earth Consultinggiving us a byte size delve into the magic that is clay. 

Clay truly is a magic material and it continues to surprise me all the time. This substance that sticks to the soles of our boots that the peasants used to build with.... Surely we can do better than that as a building material? Well, as it turns out, this hugely versatile material is actually hugely beneficial for our health when we live around it. It's also readily available, reusable and can make up part of a highly efficient home. 

Hooray for clay! 

Now for the science bit... take it away Rowland!

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Rowland Keable

The Rammed Earth Guy

Rowland works with rammed earth as a material in a wide range of situations. This includes consulting, bringing the technical knowledge of the material to a design team in a new build context. Rowland also provides technical liaison, working with commercial and academic testing facilities in the context of live projects and research work. Teaching mainly to academic students and small workshops. Training particularly on-site in a commercial setting. Regulatory work, writing, developing and harmonising national standards.