April 19, 2021

ByteSize - Fellowship within sustainability - Karen Ridgewell - BSBS005

ByteSize - Fellowship within sustainability  - Karen Ridgewell - BSBS005
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In this bytesize episode Karen Ridgewell tells us about the joys and importance of fellowships within the sustainability world. 

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Karen RidgewellProfile Photo

Karen Ridgewell

Sustainability Fellow

Karen is a multidisciplinary and has worked with the built environment for over 15 years as an Architect, a Contractor Responsible Sustainable Business Manager, Active Travel Infrastructure Co-ordinator and Adaptation Planner. At Architecture and Design Scotland, her focus, ‘Designing for a Changing Climate’ involves working with stakeholders through the planning system to include adaption within spatial plans, development strategies and project briefs.

As a trustee of Creative Carbon Scotland, she is jointly responsible for ensuring the charity is run in the interests of the people it is designed to support to embed environmental sustainability within the arts and cultural sector.

As an Innovation Champion Karen’s role is to ensure the Construction Scotland Innovation Centre is outward facing and industry led, assisting the CSIC Governance Board to assess project applications towards achieving transformational change for Scotland’s Construction sector.

Earlier this year, Karen was appointed the new Chair of the Board of Trustees of A Place in Childhood whose vision is to enable and empower Scotland’s young people to shape more inclusive policies, services and environments that benefit everyone in society.

You can get in touch with her via Linkedin www.linkedin.com/in/karenridgewell