June 17, 2022

An architect's guide to achieving a work/life balance - Clare Nash - BS080

An architect's guide to achieving a work/life balance - Clare Nash - BS080

Today I'm joined by Clare Nash who describes herself as an "Architect creating dream eco-homes, barn conversions plus environmental and community focused housing schemes"
Today we are talking about how to find a work/life balance.

Design Your Life Book - https://www.hive.co.uk/Product/Clare-Nash/Design-your-life--An-architects-guide-to-achieving-a-worklife-balance/26380240

Bursting with tips, ideas and how-tos on all aspects of designing a working life that suits you and your business, this book explains in clear and accessible language how to avoid the common pitfalls of long hours and low pay. It explores how to juggle work with family commitments, how to set your own career path and design priorities, and how to instil a flexible working culture within a busy lifestyle.

About Clare Nash Architecture:

Clare Nash Architecture Ltd is a 5 person architecture practice based in Brackley in rural South Northamptonshire on the Oxfordshire border. Specialising in energy efficient rural design and project management, particularly eco-refurbishment and new build, CNA's design focus takes inspiration from the vernacular.

Focusing on people, site, climate, location, context, sustainable and beautiful materials to produce buildings that sit well in their surroundings and suit the people who reside in them. This means CNA is involved from the initial concept design, through to planning and building control and continuing right through to working with builders to final completion. CNA's level of involvement is tailor made to each project depending upon an individual client's requirement whilst always ensuring close collaboration with each client in every project.

They are a small team and operate a flexible working model which means they do not work from an office but do have regular design meetings. This a superb business model for both financial and time efficiency reasons. Working remotely also gives us a degree of flexibility as our different working locations keep us inspired and feeling fresh to approach projects with renewed focus and lots of ideas.

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Clare Nash


We are architects, helping people create: Inspiring Places, Smarter Spaces, Happier Faces
We believe in creating a better world. A world where the environment and people are looked after, supported and cared for, in equal measure.

Places where neighbourliness replaces loneliness, where you notice trees before cars, places where you feel safe and happy.

Within those places, we create homes that allow you to appreciate the beauty in everyday life. Where you feel well, alive, optimistic and happy.

If you are the kind of person who appreciates beauty in every day life, who cares about the environment and the people living in it – then we can create a home or a place for you.

This could be anything from an extension to a dream home to a small housing development.

Specialties: Architectural Design, Sustainable Design, Rural Design, Barn Conversions, Eco Design, Eco Self-Build, Listed Farmhouse alterations, Residential, Heritage, Conservation, Housing, Vernacular, Energy-efficient Design