Nov. 30, 2021

Why should we be building Passivhaus? - John Butler - BS063

Why should we be building Passivhaus? - John Butler - BS063

 In this episode John explains the principles and requirements of Passivhaus construction. He dispels some common myths and goes into some of the nuances of how its achieved.  

  • Does living in a passivhaus mean living in a bubble?  
  • Can I open the windows in a passivhaus?
  • How airtight should it be? 
  • What are the benefits of MVHR?

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John Butler

Conduit of geek

Certified Passivhaus Consultant and AECB Carbonlite Retrofit graduate.

Hands-on experience of retrofit and new-build, combined with technical and theoretical knowledge of materials, thermal comfort, building physics, and environmental impact of construction.

Background: a long term interest in sustainability led me from my past career making pots and building kilns to a low-energy self-build retrofit project. It was a rapid introduction to sustainable construction, and the factors affecting material and design choices.

From there I went on to an MSc in Sustainability Adaptation and the Built Environment, from the Centre for Alternative Technology’s (CAT) inspiring Graduate School of the Environment. I have returned regularly to CAT as a visiting lecturer and workshop leader on the MSc and MArch programs.