May 10, 2021

Tiny House Design 101 - Emma Pile - BS048

Tiny House Design 101 - Emma Pile - BS048

Emma Pile is a digital artist, based on the outskirts of London, specialising in theatre, exhibitions & events. Last year she built a lovely tiny home with a little help from her Dad.
You can see her Tiny House here:
And check out her stunning digital design website:

In the podcast we discuss the many questions I have about building my own tiny house. 
Big topics include: 

  • Staying under the trailers max weight
  • Finding a place to live in the house,
  • Moving the house
  • The tiny house community 
  • Where to ask questions

This episode has some bonus audio available at:

Also - If you like tiny homes, there is an exclusive tiny house episode with Flo Hamer of Flo's Tiny House on the Patreon site now. In this episode I fire all my daft questions and ideas at Flo. Along with this episode it's a great listen for anyone wanting to design and build their own tiny house.  

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Emma Pile

Tiny Home Builder, Draftsperson

I love making things. It doesn’t matter the medium – It could be wood, clay, food, wool.. I am never happier than when I’m crafting away in my own little world. I’m lucky enough to have a job where I get to think creatively on interesting projects (I’m a draughtsperson in the theatre industry), but I don’t create anything tangible with my own hands. So first and foremost, my Tiny journey began with me just wanting to build and design something that was beautiful, practical, and sensitive to the environment. When I started, I hadn’t truly considered all of the other benefits ‘going tiny’ would give me and what I would learn from my journey: Satisfaction in creating my own home; an opportunity to build something so special with my Dad; life-lessons in perseverance and humility; financial freedom; a chance to spend time outdoors and to learn more about nature… the list could go on.

I believe that living in a handmade Tiny House is a practical, liberating and ecologically responsible way to live. However we still have a way to go in becoming legally recognised and given protection, rights and resources along side ‘normal’ home owners. As the Tiny House way-of-life becomes more popular in the UK, I am keen to be part of and to encourage individuals in any way I can. To share my journey, my decisions and my musings. I can’t wait to see more self-build Tiny’s out there and to be part of the community!