Sept. 7, 2020

The Rebel Architect - Scott McAulay - BS29

The Rebel Architect - Scott McAulay - BS29

The journey from architectural student to becoming a force in the UK climate fight. Scott McAuley is spearheading a grassroots rebellion, urging architects to join him in demanding and creating action.

This episode we talk with Scott McAulay, from the Anthropocene Architecture School.
Scott is a part 2 architectural technician who has been making lots of noise to shake up the architectural education model.

We discuss Scott's journey to this point, what caused him to rebel and how the anthropocene architecture school has developed and grown into a rebellious voice of common sense - pushing for a change in the education of architects to bring the climate emergency to the forefront of design requirements. His mission is to educate all architect in climate literacy and how to design buildings that solve the built environment's huge role in C02 production. 

It's madness that the average architect will train for at least 5 years. During that time they might study 1 module on sustainability. This is what has caused Scott to become the rebel architect.

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