May 9, 2019

The hidden benefits of craft - Dave Cockroft - BS004

The hidden benefits of craft - Dave Cockroft - BS004
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In this episode of Building Sustainability I talk with Dave ‘The Bodger’ Cockroft about the hidden benefits of craft. We talk specifically about spoons and chairs of which Dave is an exceptionally talented maker.

We start off with some tool chat, then find out what a ‘Bodger’ is and how the term has been changed over the year. There is a fair amount of spoon carving chat, as well as a lot about chairs and Dave’s particular style.

A theme we talk a lot on is the benefits gained by concentrating on something that uses your hands and brain. How it calms the brain and allows you to think.

In this chat with chairmaker and spoon carver Dave Cockroft we discuss the simple hidden pleasures of working with your hands. We also delve into Dave’s spoon collection and I admire his tools and chairs.

** Apologies for the tired ramble intro at the beginning of this months’ podcast – Jeffrey was utterly shattered… skip to about 8 minutes to skip straight to Dave’s Interview!**

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Podcast Preamble

In this month’s preamble, an utterly exhausted Jeffrey rambles on about the show garden that Hartwyn just build for RHS Malvern. The garden, designed by Jessica Makins, won a prestigious gold medal and people’s choice award. We are extremely proud of the garden, which showcases natural materials externally and internally in a contemporary way.

Stephanie Tudor
Old Market Plants
Simone Potter
The Smiling Sheep
Imogen Di Sapia
Dave Cockcroft

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Dave CockroftProfile Photo

Dave Cockroft

Spoon maker, chair maker, lovely man

Dave Cockcroft is a green wood craftsman, designing and making furniture and household items from fresh cut local hardwoods. Furniture is made from ash, oak and elm whilst spoons are carved from fruitwood and sycamore.