Dec. 22, 2020

How will architects respond to climate change? - Janna Laan Lomas - BS038

How will architects respond to climate change? - Janna Laan Lomas - BS038
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A conversation recorded with Janna Laan Lomas, founding director and designer at Grain Architecture.

In this episode we discuss the architecture industry's response to climate change. We also look at Janna's training and how she got into architecture and sustainability.

You might also be interested to hear episode 37, also with Janna which focuses more on the nuts and bolts of how to design buildings in a sustainable way.

Topics covered in this conversation:

  • Ethics - Turning down work if it's not sustainability focused
  • Architects declare
  • Donut economics
  • Janna's interest in sustainability
  • Designing a house from an early age
  • Community
  • Diversity
  • The planning system with regards to country builds
  • One planet development
  • Janna's training at the Centre for Alternative Technology

Links from episode 38:

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Janna Laan LomasProfile Photo

Janna Laan Lomas


Janna founded Grain Architecture in 2015, after completing her Part II Prof Dip in Architecture at the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT). She started Grain to meet a demand for building with a strong focus on designing for long-term environmental responsibility by using natural materials, and avoiding plastic and cement wherever possible. She also co-founded NBUK (Natural Building UK), which is a non-profit organisation educating public & industry about the use of natural materials in construction.

Janna is driven by the creativity of designing spaces and has been drawing houses since the age of about 6 (she loves a floor plan and problem-solving layouts!). She's passionate about beautiful buildings and gardens, and excited by opportunities for making a positive impact on lives and landscape through architecture and rural community development.