April 22, 2020

Sustainable Structural Engineering - Beth Williams

Sustainable Structural Engineering - Beth Williams

I have a conversation with Beth Williams, who is a Structural Engineer + Certified PassivHaus Designer. Passionate about diversity in construction, timber engineering and efficient, humble design

In this episode we discuss:

  • What does a Structural Engineer actually do?
  • What effect on sustainability a structural engineer can have
  • The lack of education that structural engineers get in sustainability issues
  • Getting the best out of your structural engineer
  • Builders Vs Structural engineers
  • Timber in engineering
  • Diversity in construction
  • Her own retrofit project

Massive thanks to Beth for making the time to talk to me, it was great (and I now feel like I understand the structural engineers' perspective much better!

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Beth Williams Profile Photo

Beth Williams

MEng (Hons), CEng MICE

Beth graduated from the University of Sheffield in 2011 having studied Structural Engineering and Architecture.

Beth has worked in architectural and engineering practices in Sheffield, Gloucestershire and now Bristol, working on projects ranging from domestic extensions to new build sports halls and high security NHS facilities. Now a Chartered Engineer, Beth specialises in timber engineering and low-energy construction.

Beth is a Certified PassivHaus Designer and Local Group Leader for the AECB, and is passionate about making low-energy building available to all.