Aug. 9, 2020

Sustainability in our bodies - Wibbs Coulson - BS26

Sustainability in our bodies - Wibbs Coulson - BS26

The human body is often neglected by those doing physical work. How can we look after our bodies and create sustainability within, to allow us to continue doing the jobs we love.

I talk with Wibbs Coulson from Mandukya Yoga about how we can look after our bodies to keep us able to build, craft or just stay in good shape!

When I first recorded this episode I wasn't sure if it truly fit within the podcast's aims. But the feedback I received from listeners made it clear. This is definitely relevant! I was initially thinking about how many people work with their bodies in ways, which aren’t sustainable, even though they work in the sustainability field. I know of countless builders who have damaged their backs and can no longer work in the way they used to.

So what can we do build sustainability in our bodies? Does the answer lie in strengthening our core? Will yoga solve all issues of strength and flexibility needed to do our jobs?

Wibbs gives his very frank and honest (and sometimes swarey) view on how we can take care of our most precious tool – our body.

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About Mandukya Yoga

We are a husband and wife team and we incorporate a strong sense of mindfulness, fun and an infectious enthusiasm in our classes, which range from strong physical flows to long held meditative session of stillness. All the classes can be enjoyed by total beginners up to experienced yogis! We spend time throughout the classes ensuring safe practice and personal alignment cues to allow anyone and everyone to develop and deepen their practice in a safe environment. We have Spent time together practicing Acro-yoga for the last few years including time studying with Acroyogadance founders Pip and Eugene.

 We believe yoga is perfect harmony of re-uniting the mind with the body (and eventually) the soul through the breath! As nurses we both also believe in the nurturing and healing power that can be found in reconnecting 'our selves' with our 'true selves' and enjoying the true bliss that is to be discovered both on and off the mat.

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Wibbs Coulson

Yoga Man

13 years ago I developed a strong passion for yoga following a knee injury and in that time my practice has helped me grow stronger, more mobile and energised both physically and mentally. After a short time practising I became very aware of the calming, quietening and blissful psychological benefits especially whilst working as a registered nurse.

I travelled to Goa, India, in 2014 and completed 300hr YTTC at Kranti yoga in Ashtanga Vinyasa/meditation philosophy. Following this I furthered my knowledge, passion and insight practicing with yogis in Varkala and Rishikesh where my passion for a wholistic, fun, strong, safe practice blossomed! Since returning from India, i have furthered my personal practice at workshops and teacher trainings with the likes of Patrick Beach, Carling Harps, Kerri Verna and Sarah Lo (100hr YTTC), taking my teaching away from just ashtanga vinyasa into the slower, quieter style of Yin yoga. I have also spent time studying movement and anatomy with the likes of Joanne Avison and Gary ward taking my practice and teaching away from purely Yoga asana and towards areas of Natural movement and movement therapy.

Starting Mandukya yoga in April 2015 I was able to step back from my job as a registered nurse (working in A&E and Cardiology) and take the yoga on full time teaching 20+ hours of yoga a week. Yoga and movement therapy are where my passion truly lies, allowing the movement, mobility and breath guide people to find a new centre and balance within their own bodies. This also includes working with the Ipswich town football club first team on a regular basis