April 9, 2019

One Planet Development - Chris Vernon - BS002

One Planet Development - Chris Vernon - BS002
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One Planet Development is a welsh planning policy which enables those wishing to live off the land to buy agricultural land and build a house. Chris Vernon has not only just done this, but also runs the One Planet Council to give advice and assistance to those wanting to do the same. 

In this episode we discuss:

  • The One Planet Development policy, what it entails and how it's unique. 
  • Chris' particular piece of land and how they are meeting the requirements for the policy.
  • The straw bale house that Chris and his family have built for themselves
  • The One Planet Council and the excellent work they do


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Chris VernonProfile Photo

Chris Vernon

One Planet Council

Chris and his wife Erica have recently built a two story, roundwood timber frame, straw bale house on their One Planet Development smallholding in Carmarthenshire. This project was motivated by a desire to design and build a ‘zero-carbon in construction and use’ house and have a lot of fun along the way. Chris is also a beekeeper and orchardist. He is a chartered engineer, holds a Ph.D. in glaciology and previously worked as climate scientist with the Met Office.