March 5, 2023

Old House Retrofit - Marianne Suhr - BS098

Old House Retrofit - Marianne Suhr - BS098

Marianne Suhr is a Chartered Building Surveyor specialising in the repair of older buildings. 

We talk about the role of a building surveyor, the SPAB and how to go about sympathetically retrofitting an old building.

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Marianne Suhr

Marianne is a Chartered Building Surveyor, writer and broadcaster specialising in the repair and retrofit of historic buildings. She co- presented three series of BBC2’s ‘Restoration’ programme and more recently Channel 4’s ‘Restoration of the Year’. She has repaired and adapted four houses of her own, and used the experience gained to set up ‘The Old House Consultancy’. Her practice focuses on domestic projects, sensitively repairing and adapting houses in the Oxfordshire area and focussing on timber frames, lime mortars and plasters, and energy efficiency. Marianne lectures extensively on building repair and runs courses for builders, homeowners and professionals. She is the co-founder of the Building Conservation Summer School which is now in its 18th year. She was co-author of the ‘Old House Handbook’ and ‘Old House Eco Handbook’. She is currently organising a conference on Historic Windows in September 2023.