July 1, 2020

New Wood Culture - Barn the Spoon - BS022

New Wood Culture - Barn the Spoon - BS022
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The second of our 'Barn the Spoon' double bill.

In this episode Barn talks about 'New Wood Culture' - A holistic approach to working with wood that connects the growing of trees and managing of woodlands. It encompasess selecting, appreciating and felling of trees, and all the items that can be crafted from them.

Barn is a greenwood worker, spoon carver and author

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Barn The SpoonProfile Photo

Barn The Spoon

Spoon Man

Barn has been a woodwork obsessive for over 20 years. 8 years ago he decided spoons were his thing and dedicated his life to them. Each spoon is a joyous celebration of functional sculpture. In recent years Barn has spent more time sharing his passion through teaching at The Green Wood Guild.