June 21, 2021

New Dawn Traders - Alex Geldenhuys - BS051

New Dawn Traders - Alex Geldenhuys - BS051
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I'm delighted to bring you a conversation with Alex Geldenhuys of New Dawn Traders- When I organised this recording, I thought the focus would be on the climate benefits of sailing vessels over conventional shipping methods. I was delighted to learn of the much deeper level of good this project is doing. By investing in the small producers who are connected to their land and doing best by it, not just for profit, but also for stewardship of this vital resource.  New Dawn Traders have created a new way ensure the products you are buying are ethically and sustainably up to scratch.

"NEW DAWN TRADERSis an experimental business. We trade in wild ideas and delicacies, working with sailing cargo vessels to import produce from across the Atlantic Ocean and along European coastlines pollution-free.

Inspired by people, projects and businesses that promote resilience in local food systems, we have designed the Voyage COOP to apply this way of thinking to international trade. With our network of ships, producers and allies, we are building new models for supply chains that puts planet and people first.

Through our products & events we are invigorating a new maritime culture around sail-powered cargo ships, the goods they carry & the communities they support. Our journey is a symbolic one, playing our part in the global movement to bringing food trade to a human scale & consumerism to a conscious level. In time we will add our own ship to the fleet!"

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