July 28, 2020

Natural Builder Question Time Pt1 - Will Stanwix - BS024

Natural Builder Question Time Pt1 - Will Stanwix - BS024
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Show notes available at: http://jeffreythenaturalbuilder.com/natural-builder-question-time-pt1-will-stanwix-bs24

In this episode I talk with Will Stanwix - Co-author of 'The Hempcrete book - Designing and building with hemp lime'. Will is not only a hemp-lime builder, but also a trained building surveyor and now an accomplished earth builder too.

This is the first part of a 2 hour conversation between Will and myself. We recorded a conversation right at the beginning of lockdown , then decided to shelve that on and do something better!
For this, we took turns to ask each other questions and go off on geeky/silly tangents. I've always enjoyed talking to Will as he isn't afraid to talk about failures. His honesty about not knowing all the answers is refreshing and really helps you to learn.

Episode sponsored by https://www.cyclaireshop.co.uk/

In this episode we discuss -

  • Our favourite binders
  • Rebecca Reid (Our favourite plasterer)
  • Our favourite tools
  • Clay floor mixes
  • Our natural building heros

If you'd like to hear the original recording, where Will talks about the writing of the Hempcrete book, and how he built and financed building his own home - you can find this on the building sustainability Patreon page - https://www.patreon.com/buildingsustainability

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