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Joe has slowly been collecting interests and skills over years of engagement with ecological development. He cut his teeth at the sustainable end of conventional building, working on domestic, commercial and community projects. After completing his permaculture design course he took a particular interest in the cultural and social ramifications of sustainable development. He believes that western culture has disengaged and disempowered people from a practical engagement with the world around them. That the simple pleasures found in skilled competency add a depth of experience and satisfaction to life. He believes that a more rounded, holistic and integrated approach to the construction of our homes is an excellent way to re-find that agency. That we are all capable, that we have merely been left without opportunity or motivation.
After meeting Jeffrey and Arif it became evident that it was possible to provide a gateway to that community empowerment by bringing together all the unique interests and skills they had gathered. By walking their talk. By building beautiful natural homes and providing a new opportunity for people wishing to re engage with that practical creativity.

April 5, 2019

Hartwyn Natural Builders - BS001

Jeffrey is joined by his colleague Joe Duirwyn to discuss how their company, Hartwyn, uses a unique student model to train future natural builders on their live builds. They discuss how Hartwyn's free training program benefit...

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