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Rebearth was set up by myself, Becky Little in 2015, following a long career as a traditional builder with stone, earth and lime. While I still love learning from the past I wanted a more holistic approach to work (and life) and to share and develop my expertise with natural building materials. This ongoing journey has enabled me to work with a wide range of craftspeople, professionals and learners throughout Europe and beyond. These collaborations are wide ranging but in essence they are about being intimate with a place and it’s people; creating buildings and art in tune with nature and the seasons, while nurturing relationships, team building and personal growth. As a builder I have a pragmatic approach to making things work on time and budget. As an artist and teacher I can expand this view and help others find new skills and creativity.

So while Rebearth begins with me it also embraces a much wider network of learning and expertise which I tap into for every project and idea, big or small. I can only offer a glimpse of what we do in these pages but you can find more about our work via the social media links or by contacting me directly. I look forward to hearing from you.

May 21, 2020

Mud, the ultimate building material - Becky Little - BS018

This week we have a conversation with mud mason, Becky Little from Rebearth . "Rebearth is a Scottish company founded by mud mason Becky Little. We specialise in building, art and education using raw earth and natural materia...

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