Jan. 18, 2022

Good Insulation and Avoiding Condensation - Part 2 - Ben Kerslake - BS068

Good Insulation and Avoiding Condensation - Part 2 - Ben Kerslake - BS068

Part 2! (Check out episode 67 for Part 1)

With energy prices soaring, everybody has good reason to be thinking about adding more insulation to their home. In this episode we are discussing the best types of insulation for your home and the pros and cons of some different types.  A recommended listen for anyone looking to increase the energy efficiency of their home.

Ben Kerslake is back! Ben last joined us way back in Episode 45 to discuss solving damp problems with lime plaster.

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Ben Kerslake Profile Photo

Ben Kerslake

Builder - Conservation and Restoration

Ben Kerslake, has been working in the conservation and restoration industry for almost 20 years. After completing his Msc in Architecture, Ben developed a keen interest in using traditional methods and as a result has been working predominantly with lime for the last 10 years. His work includes two Grand Designs projects, working on the restoration of Griff Rhys Jones Welsh cottage complex, numerous listed properties throughout the county as well as working with Gloucester council to present informative seminars on historic houses and suitable materials to local homeowners.