May 16, 2023

Finding inspiration in Heritage traditions - Peter Kovacs - BS099

Finding inspiration in Heritage traditions - Peter Kovacs - BS099
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I'm talking with Peter Kovacs about his product design, tool making and taking inspiration from heritage techniques and materials.

Peter's Philosophy -"Our tools allow us to create beautiful objects out of raw materials. These tools should serve us as reliable companions, an extension of our body. That was my aim when I made my axes. Perfect ergonomics, excellent quality steel and heat treatment. From the skill of the blacksmith, hand forging the heads, through my many years of experience with woodwork to the last stitches in the thick leather sheath, everything is an essential part of creating something that will outlast our generation. I want to create a tool which will be handed down to the next generation with a patina on the handle that can only be achieved through years of use”

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