Nov. 23, 2020

Earth Building a trainee's perspective - Miki Z & Jamie Ingle

Earth Building a trainee's perspective - Miki Z & Jamie Ingle

Earth Building is a tricky industry to get into. We wanted to find out about the training available to those wanting to get into earth building in the UK and Ireland. All to often this information is provided from the trainers perspective and doesn't show the difficulties of getting into this industry.

Earth building, in all its forms is a tricky career path to get into. Whether that’s cob, rammed earth, earth bags, adobe, wattle and daub, earth floors, light straw clay. We find that there is plenty of beginner courses available to hook new people in. But, what about the opportunities to develop skills further? Are there apprenticeships, or other advanced learning opportunities?

I spoke to 4 different earth-building trainees, to find out where they are in their training and the routes they have taken. Have they found it easy? What has been the best way to learn? The results are clear that there are holes in the offered education. If we want earth building to thrive and expand, we need more people with the skills and enthusiasm pushing the craft, ideals and materials further.

This is part 1 of a 2 part episode in partnership with Earth Building United Kingdom and Ireland (

Who are EBUKI - Earth Building UK and Ireland?

The Trustees and Executives of our charity are all volunteers who have been involved in sustainable building. We are a group of academics, builders, researchers, trainers, architects and engineers. Trustees play a key role in the oversight and strategy of the organisation, but cannot be paid for their time or efforts. Executives, likewise, do a lot of unpaid meeting and working, only being paid as Project Officers when funded work is being done. 


In this episode I talk to Miki Z and Jamie Ingle.
This episode with conversations with  and ends with my thoughts on what we can do to better train the future earth builders.

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