Feb. 1, 2022

Affordable cob homes built by AI drones - Daniel Weddle & Zach Dwiel - BS069

Affordable cob homes built by AI drones - Daniel Weddle & Zach Dwiel - BS069
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Well, there's a title I didn't expect to write when I started this podcast! Today I'm talking to Danny and Zach from Terran Robotics about their work training AI drones to build cob homes.

Now this might sound a little crazy when you are first introduced to the idea, but the logic behind it is solid. To make affordable homes,  build with the cheapest material and reduce the labor costs.

Have a listen to the work that Danny and Zach are up to today and let me know what you think!

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Daniel WeddleProfile Photo

Daniel Weddle

Daniel Weddle, co-founder and Chief Design Officer of Terran Robotics, is an acclaimed tiny home builder and founding scholar of Indiana University’s architecture program. He is motivated by the promise of earthen building materials to make modern, sustainable housing available to billions of people around the world.

Zach DwielProfile Photo

Zach Dwiel

Zach Dwiel, co-founder and CEO of Terran Robotics, was previously an AI researcher at the Intel AI Lab and CTO of energy analytics startup PlotWatt (acquired by American Efficient). He started Terran with the vision of using cutting edge AI and robotics to solve the problem of sustainable, affordable homebuilding.